The process of cellular awareness and expression is accomplished through cellular imagination. Imagination via the brain is the crystallization of cellular imagination. To hold an image of the cell in the brain is different than imagining directly via the cells.
Nervous system imagery is helpful in bringing our past experience into focus with our desired activity or goal. However, for new personnaly-derived information to be experienced, we need to let go of our past knowing and enter fresh into not-knowing. To transition from nervous system consciousness to cellular consciousness, we shift from an old perspective to a new one. We let go of what we already know - no matter how brilliant, useful, supportive, or challenging it has been.
In this state of open mindedness, we can perceive and initiate original experience in the present moment from the cells themselves. Once brought into existence, it is important for our experience to be recorded, not only in the tissues, but in the nervous sytem as well, so that it can be organized within the context of our whole history and integrated into our life.
Together, cellular consciousness and nervous system consciousness constitute a continuum, with the brain informing the cells and the cells informing the brain, each being peripheral to the centrality of the other. In other words, when one's consciousness is centered in the brain, the cells are peripheral or in the unconscious; when one's consciousness is centered in the cells, the brain is peripheral or in the unconscious. They can also be integrated into a single consciousness or both remain in the unconscious.

Bonnie (the process of embodiment)